Aluminum Rare Earth Waffle

Product Description

AlRE10 10 Aluminum CCB,Ingot
AlRE5 5 Aluminum CCB,Ingot

Rare Earth content in Aluminum Rare Earth master alloy can be produced according to customer’s requirement.

Aluminum Rare Earth master alloy include AlRE5 and AlRE10 according to different Rare Earth content in Aluminum Rare Earth master alloy, which are used for Rare Earth addition in aluminum alloy. The addition of rare earth elements to aluminum alloy can increase the component supercooling, reduce the secondary crystal spacing, reduce the gas and inclusions in the alloy, and make the inclusions tend to spheroidize, refine the morphology and distribution of grains and eutectic silicon. The modification has a long-term effect, and the effect of remelting modification can be inherited. Purify the melt, improve the strength and plasticity of the alloy, and improve the processing performance. It can purify the liquid aluminum, improve the fluidity, improve the surface quality of the casting, long-term modification, improve the strength and plasticity of the aluminum for electrical purposes, and re can significantly reduce the harm of silicon impurities to electrical properties.


Aluminum Rare Earth Waffle Features

1.Evenly distributed structure, reducing segregation            

2.Enhanced tensile strength.      

3.Improve flowability and ductility.        

4.Improve the mechanical properties of products  

5. Lower addition temperature and lower burning loss.        

6.Reduced energy consumption and longer furnace life because of lower furnace temperature.


Aluminum Rare Earth Waffle Parameter

According to customer’s usage and process requirements, we supply Aluminum Rare Earth master alloy AlRE products follows shapes

AlRE5 and AlRE10 waffle: 6-8kg/waffle

AlRE5 and AlRE10 CCB: 100-1000g/pc


Aluminum Rare Earth Waffle Package:

Waffle: 1mt/pallet

CCB:20kg/carton, 1mt/pallet


Quality Assurance

1.We have the latest production technology for aluminum master alloy and the most professional staffers.

2.With ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System approved, we have professional testing staffer and advanced inspection equipment. Strict quality control system covers every step of the production, including the inspection of the raw material, production process supervision and product inspection.

3.Products from every furnace are tested including chemical composition, product micro-structure and grain refinement. And all the information is archived to build a product quality database, where the product quality data could be accessed and tracked.



1.Stable performance,which could be comparable with Aluminum Rare Earth master alloy AlRE from advanced metallurgical company in the world.

2.With the cooperation with University and Research Institute in China, we have the latest production technology and the most professional production staff.

3.More than 15 years for Aluminum Rare Earth master alloy AlRE .

4.Best Raw Material-All of our alloys are produced based on 99.7% purity Aluminum.

5.Free Samples.

6.Professional service.

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