Masking Tape

Masking Tape is based on high performance washi paper/printed paper and coated with a rubber/acrylate/silicone based pressure sensitive adhesive. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, residue-free removal, good adhesion, low surface energy, high paper elongation and a secure fit on curved surfaces.

Paint masking for home decoration, paint masking for cars, paint masking for home appliance parts, paint masking for plastic moulds, sealing and protection for construction sites, tile seaming, temporary fixing of electronic circuit components

Masking tape is a high-quality masking adhesive tape made mainly from crepe paper and pressure-sensitive adhesive. It features high temperature resistance, excellent solvent resistance, strong adhesion, flexibility, and clean removal without leaving residue. It is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, automotive painting, and other fields.


1.Clean tear without leaving residue

The tape can be torn from different surfaces without leaving any residue or marks, protecting your items and saving you the trouble of cleaning up adhesive residue.


when writing You can use a marker pen or water-based pen to write on the crepe paper without ink or pigment seeping onto your items.

3.Can be torn by hand

The crepe paper can be torn by hand without the need for tools, making it convenient for construction operations and improving efficiency.

4.High tensile strength

The crepe paper can withstand significant tensile force, is not easily broken, and has strong flexibility. It can adhere to complex surfaces without difficulty.


Home decoration: Crepe paper masking tape can be used for home decoration, such as decorative lines on walls, protection of furniture corners, and framing decoration. Its variety of colors allows for personalized decorative effects.

Crafts: Craft enthusiasts can use crepe paper masking tape to create various creative works, such as cards, handmade books, and decorations. Its moderate adhesiveness, ease of cutting, and pasting make it ideal for crafts.

Stationery and Office: Crepe paper masking tape can be used in the stationery and office field for sticking documents, marking important information, and repairing books. Its easy tearing and removal properties make it very practical in these situations.


Product packaging: Crepe paper masking tape can be used for product packaging and sealing, such as box sealing and bag sealing. Its moderate stickiness and clean removal ensure neat and tidy packaging.

Automotive manufacturing and maintenance: Crepe paper masking tape is widely used in the process of automotive manufacturing and maintenance. For example, it can be used to secure car parts and mark repair locations.

Construction and Renovation: In the construction and renovation field, crepe paper masking tape can be used for wall decoration, tile splicing, and door and window fixing. Its strong adhesion and easy tearing properties make it very practical in these situations.”


Masking tape comes in various types, such as normal temperature, medium temperature, and high temperature, as well as low, medium, and high adhesive strength tapes. It can also be categorized into natural color and colored varieties.

Can be customised in different colours and sizes
Commonly used colours of masking tape are: white, beige, yellow, green, red, blue, orange, purple and so on.
Common sizes of masking tape: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm, 40mm, 50mm.


ColorDark yellowYellowYellowRed/White
 Total Thickness[mm]
BackingCrepe PaperCrepe PaperCrepe PaperRed Crepe Paper Laminated to PET Film
180°Peel Strength[N/inch]56.5512
Tensile Strength[N/inch]806580280
Elongation Rate[%]510106
Long-Term Temperature Resistance[℃]907050180
Short-Term Temperature Resistance[℃]1209070220