Aerogel Foam Tape

Aerogel foam is a kind of fireproof material with high porosity and three-dimensional grid structure. It has the characteristics of fire and flame retardant, thermal insulation, cushioning and shock absorption, sound insulation and noise reduction.

Smart electronics industry; new energy batteries; automobiles and ships.

Aerogel Foam Tape uses aerogel as the main material and is processed through a special process. Aerogel is a porous material with extremely low density and high porosity that is filled with a large amount of air, giving it excellent thermal insulation properties. At the same time, aerogels also have good mechanical properties and can resist external forces such as compression and bending. Therefore, Aerogel Foam Tape has good strength and stability while maintaining high thermal insulation performance.

Aerogel Foam Tape is a high-performance tape product whose unique aerogel structure gives it excellent thermal insulation properties, low density and good mechanical properties. Therefore, it has a wide range of application scenarios in multiple fields, including but not limited to:

Aerospace field: Because Aerogel Foam Tape has excellent thermal insulation properties, it is often used in the thermal protection system of spacecraft to ensure that key components work properly in extreme temperature environments.
Electronics and electrical fields: In the manufacturing of electronic equipment, Aerogel Foam Tape can be used to insulate and fix circuit boards, batteries and other components to improve the stability and safety of the equipment.
Construction field: In terms of building energy conservation, Aerogel Foam Tape can be used for thermal insulation of windows, walls and other parts to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
Transportation field: In vehicles such as cars and trains, Aerogel Foam Tape can be used to reduce noise, vibration and heat transfer and improve ride comfort.
Size and color
Aerogel Foam Tape is available in various sizes and can be customized according to your needs. Common width specifications range from a few millimeters to tens of millimeters, and the length can be cut according to specific application scenarios. In terms of thickness, the thickness of the tape varies depending on the usage scenario, ranging from a few millimeters to a few centimeters.
Color, Aerogel Foam Tape is usually white,

Total Thickness[mm]11.52
MaterialAerogel FoamAerogel FoamAerogel Foam
Thermal Conductivity
Flame ResistanceV-0V-0V-0
Volume Resistivity[Ω▪cm]≥1.0×1013≥1.0×1013≥1.0×1013
Long-Term Temperature Resistance[℃]—40~220—40~220—40~220
Short-Term Temperature Resistance[℃]—60~240—60~240—60~240