Aluminum Strontium Rod

Product Description

AlSr5 5 Aluminum Coil,CCB,Waffle,Stlck
AlSr10 10 Aluminum Coil,CCB,Waffle,Stlck
AlSr15 15 Aluminum CCB,Waffle,Stlck

Aluminum Strontium Master Alloy Purpose            

Aluminum Strontium master alloy can be used in die casting, low pressure casting and modification of hypoeutectic and eutectic silicon alloy with long pouring time.

Aluminum Strontium master alloy differs from other modifiers in that it retains its modification effectiveness for extended periods of melt holding time.   

Modification of the morphology of the silicon phase in aluminium silicon alloy castings from coarse platelets to a fine fibrous eutectic structure results in improved soundness and mechanical properties.


Aluminum Strontium Rod Features            

Aluminum Strontium master alloy is a long-term modifier with good structure. which is mainly used in the modification of hypoeutectic and eutectic aluminum silicon alloy. Its modification type is similar to the traditional sodium element, but it has the following advantages:

1. The validity period of strontium modification is longer than 6-8 hours, 4-5 times of remelting still has modification effect, which can meet the needs of low-pressure casting and die casting with long duration, especially suitable for casting large casting parts and continuous production. Excellent state and distribution, improve mechanical properties and fluidity            

2.Easy to use, no pollution, less wastage, lower using cost, long working efficiency and hereditary effect.


Aluminum Strontium Master Alloy Parameter

According to customer’s usage and process requirements, our Aluminum Strontium master alloy products can provide the following 4 shapes

AlSr5, AlSr10, AlSr15 stick: Dia. 9.5mm

AlSr5, AlSr10, AlSr15 CCB(cut casting bar): 100-1000g/bar

AlSr5, AlSr10, AlSr15 waffle: 6-8kg/waffle

AlSr5, AlSr10 coil: 180-220k/coil


Aluminum Strontium Rod Package:

Stick: 10kg/bundle, 1mt/pallet, 1mt/pallet

CCB: 20kg/carton, 1mt/pallet

Waffle: 1mt/pallet

Coil: 3coils/pallet

Aluminum Strontium Rod can be produced according to customer’s specification for different strontium content and package,AlSr master alloy containing more than 20% strontium can also be customized.

At present, customers in more than 30 countries are using our Aluminum Strontium master alloy and getting good feedback.

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