PE Protective Film

PE protective film uses PE film as carrier and coated with high performance acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. It has good flexibility, good fit, good adhesion and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

1. Hardware industry: computer cases, galvanized sheet stamping, aluminium plates, stainless steel plates, titanium plates, plastic steel plates, glass plates, solar panels.
2. Optoelectronic industry: LCD liquid crystal display, backlight board, cold light sheet, membrane switch, mobile phone screen, etc.
3. Plastic industry: ABS, PP injection molding products, PVC plates, acrylic plates, meters, plastic lenses, spray paint parts surface protection, etc.
4. Printing industry: PVC, PC board, aluminum plate, film and other printed nameplate surface protection, etc.
5. Wire and cable industry: the protection of shaft-mounted copper wire, semi-finished products, finished products, rolled products, can effectively prevent dust pollution, anti-oxidation, anti-fouling effect.
6. Electronics industry: in the production of time, generally need to be used to protect the finished products and semi-finished products made up, in the assembly line is not easy to appear scratch and touch bad!
7. Mobile phone digital industry: mobile phone screen protection film, is available to install the table mobile phone body, screen a protection.

PE Protective Film, polyethylene protective film, is a film made of polyethylene material. It has excellent mechanical properties, chemical stability and processing performance, and is widely used in many fields to provide effective protection for items.

Application scenarios
1. Electronic product field: In the production process of electronic products such as smartphones, tablets, and LCD screens, PE protective films are often used as temporary coverings to prevent scratches during production, transportation, and installation. , contamination or damage.
3. Automobile manufacturing field: In the automobile manufacturing process, PE protective film is used to protect the body paint and prevent damage caused by friction and collision during assembly, transportation and storage.
4. Construction and decoration field: In construction and decoration projects, PE protective films are often used to protect the surfaces of marble, glass, stainless steel and other materials to prevent scratches and pollution caused during the construction process.
5. Hardware products: During the processing, storage and transportation of hardware products, the use of PE protective film can effectively prevent the metal surface from being oxidized, corroded or scratched.

size and color
The size and color of PE Protective Film can be customized according to different application requirements.
Size: Common sizes include standard widths such as 1 meter, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, etc. The length can be customized according to actual needs. In addition, we can also customize special shapes of protective films as needed, such as round, oval, etc.
Color: PE protective film is generally transparent, allowing you to observe the status of the protected items. At the same time, in order to meet certain special needs, such as marking, distinguishing, etc., protective films of different colors such as blue, green, and yellow can also be produced.

 Total Thickness[mm]
180°Peel Strength[g/inch]1~1200
Elongation At Break[%]≥200
Long-Term Temperature  Resistance[℃]60
Short-Term Temperature  Resistance[℃]100