PI Film Polyimide Film

PI film, also known as polyimide film, is made of pyromellitic dianhydride and diaminodiphenyl ether condensed into a film in a strong polar solvent, and then imidized. It has excellent heat resistance, high tensile strength, good chemical stability, good radiation resistance and good dielectric properties.

1. Insulation materials: insulation for motors and nuclear power equipment, high-temperature resistant wires and cables, electromagnetic wires, high-temperature resistant wires, high-temperature resistant pressure-sensitive tapes, insulating composite materials, etc.

2. Semiconductor and microelectronics industry: passivation layer and buffer inner coating of microelectronic devices, interlayer dielectric materials of multi-layer metal interconnect circuits, and important base materials for optoelectronic printed circuit boards.

3. Electronic label field: printed circuit board motherboards, corrosion products, mobile phones, lithium batteries and other products.

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Total thickness[mm]0.0250.050.0750.10.125
Tensile Strength[Mpa](MD/TD)≥165/148≥165/148≥165/148≥165/148≥165/148
Elongation at break[%](MD/TD)≥50/52≥50/52≥50/52≥50/52≥50/52
surface resistivity[Ω]≥1010≥1010≥1010≥1010≥1010