Silicone Rubber Anti-slip Tape

Silicone Rubber Anti-slip Tape uses fiber fabric coated on the surface of silicone rubber as the substrate, coated with acrylic adhesive, to form a granular tape with anti adhesion function. In the application process, it prevents the adhesion of other substances (such as adhesive or ink), which is easy to remove even after long-term adhesion. Strong wear resistance, temperature resistance, durability, medium strength striped fiber reinforcement, with high shear resistance and excellent aging resistance. Suitable for guiding roller wrapping, with excellent adhesion and friction, it can provide tension for the paper being processed.

1.Wrapping of guide rollers

2.Anti stick parts

Product Features

1.Surface granular, anti adhesion

2.Easy to remove

3.Stable performance, high temperature resistance, and long-term performance stability under high temperatures

4.Can be used for a long time

Product specifications



3.Other customization

Test itemsTypical valueUnitTest method
ColorGreyVisual inspection
Type of glueRubber
Using layer thickness0.62±0.03mmGB/T7125-2014
Peel strength180°)≥16N/inchGB/T2792-2014


Initial adhesion force (14 # steel ball)

Release Material Thickness 0.08mmGB/T7125-2014
Operating temperature-10~100