Double sided Flame retardant Tissue Tape

P3110F flame-retardant double-sided tape is made of Tissue as the base material, evenly coated on both sides with high-performance flame-retardant acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, and then compounded with release paper.

Suitable for flame retardant adhesive technology in the new energy vehicle industry.

Used for battery fire protection, EVA, EPDM bonding, sound-absorbing cotton bonding

Membrane switch circuit pasting

Various fire protection needs such as pasting and fixing of foam pads for electronic components.

 Product Features

1.Has a strong flame retardant rating

2.Has strong adhesion

3.Better adhesion to a variety of materials

4.Good die-cutting performance

Test itemsTest methodUnitP3205F
ColorVisual inspectionWhite
Type of glueFlame retardant acrylic adhesive
Release materialRelease paper
Base materialTISSUE
Total thicknessASTM D-3652mm0.10
Flame retardant standardsUL94N/AVTM-0
180°Peel strengthSUS20minGB/T2792-2014N/inch10
Static shear force


Long term temperature resistanceGB∕T 4851-201480
Short term temperature resistanceGB∕T 4851-2014120