Double Sided Transfer Tape

Double Sided Transfer Tape is made by evenly coating high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on the release paper. It has excellent bonding effect, good weather resistance, good temperature resistance, good water resistance, can prevent falling off and deformation, and is easy to die-cut.

1. Nameplates, labels, signs: used in screen printing, advertising, aviation, medical and industrial equipment, automobiles, home appliances, electronic markets and other industries.
2. Soft board FPC: used in mobile phones, notebook computers, PDAs, digital cameras, LCM and other electronic products.
3. Membrane switch: including flexible, rigid, concave-convex and other types of membrane switches.
4. Anti-shock foam: good Initial Tack and stickiness, high cohesion, and good plasticization resistance.


One type is the transfer film, also called pure adhesive film or transfer tape. It is made up of a layer of adhesive film with a paper backing, making it easy to use. Like other double-sided tapes, the transfer tape is first applied and then the paper backing is peeled off to adhere the second material. Since there is no separating base material, this thin tape is made up of only one adhesive, but its overall temperature resistance is not limited by the base material and it has excellent adhesion to irregular surfaces.



A high-performance acrylic adhesive tape that can withstand temperatures up to 150℃, with short-term temperature resistance up to 200℃. It performs well in extreme cold and hot environments, and is also resistant to chemicals, UV light, and solvents. Its lightweight and thin design makes it suitable for a variety of applications such as aviation de-icing systems, lightning protection systems, disc brake pads, high-temperature/pressure vessels, airbag inflators, engine and transmission control modules, metal bonding and coating, high-temperature labeling and marking, and pedal pads.

This adhesive tape can be applied to different surfaces, including glass, aluminum, ceramics, polyimides, acrylics, stainless steel, copper, wood, carpets, nylon, and more.

Total Thickness[mm]
Initial Tack[mm]≤100≤100≤100≤100≤100≤100≤100
180°Peel Strength[N/inch]18131312181818
Long-Term Temperature Resistance [℃]801501508080150150
Short-Term Temperature Resistance [℃]120200200120150200200