Nano Tape Washable and traceless adhesive tape

Nano tape is a traceless, washable, removable, high temperature resistant, reusable transparent nano double-sided tape made of polymer material. Each adhesive surface comes into contact with dust, shavings, sweat, metal dust, etc. during use. It can be washed with clean water and dried or blown dry before being used again immediately.

1.Home decoration: Nano tape can be used in home decoration to fix wallpapers, murals, decorative paintings, and photo frames. It can avoid damaging the wall by driving nails or nail holes on the wall.

2.Office Environment: Nano tape can be used in the office environment for sticking items such as file racks, folders, and pen holders, effectively reducing clutter on desks.

3.Industrial Production: Nano technology is used in industrial production processes, such as the manufacturing of electronic products, automobiles, medical devices, and so on.

4.Aerospace: Nano tape can be used in the manufacturing process of various components in the aerospace field, such as satellites, airplanes, rockets, etc., for fixation purposes.


Features of Nano tape:

1. High (low) temperature resistance: It maintains excellent mechanical properties within a wide temperature range of -196~260℃.

2. Corrosion resistance: Except for molten alkali metals, nano tape is almost immune to any chemical reagents.

3. High insulation: It is not affected by environment and frequency, has low dielectric loss, and high breakdown voltage.

4. Aging resistance: It is not moisture-absorbing, non-combustible, highly stable against oxygen and ultraviolet radiation, and therefore has excellent weathering resistance.

ColorGrey, Black, WhiteGrey, Black, WhiteTransparentGrey, Black, WhiteGrey, Black, WhiteTransparentWhiteGrey, BlackGrey, Black
Total Thickness[mm]
180°Peel Strength[N/inch]304045455055555560
Ring Initial Tack[N/inch]303040404550505055
Long-Term Temperature Resistance [℃]120
Short-Term Temperature Resistance [℃]160