Double Sided Flame Retardant Tape

Double Sided Flame Retardant Tape is made of cotton paper/PET as the base material, double-sided coated with flame-retardant acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive or without base material, made into flame-retardant tape without base material. It has high flame retardancy, fire prevention, high adhesion, good stickiness, and good adhesion to various materials.

1. Planar paste and assembly of foam, flannelette, fabric, battery pack and other parts inside the car body.
2. Die-cutting and pasting of battery packs.
3. Bonding and fixing of various nameplates and foam products.
4. Car seat cushion, car interior foam pasting.
5. Pasting of foam inside the car body, car seat cushions and the like.
6. Felt/foam flat paste.
7. Wire harness packaging, 60/80 ℃ anti-curved surface.

ColorTotal Thickness [um]BackingInitial Tack[mm]180°Peel Strength
Long-Term Temperature Resistance [℃]Short-Term Temperature Resistance [℃]Flammability RatingApplication
White100Tissue≤180≥102480120FMVSS 302Felt/Foam Flat
White120Tissue≤180≥122480120FMVSS 302Felt/Foam Flat
White130Tissue≤180≥132480120FMVSS 302Felt/Foam Flat
White150Tissue≤100≥192480120MS300-8Low VOC, suitable for Japanese/Korean car seat cushions, car interior foam paste
White160Tissue≤180≥202480120FMVSS 302Felt/foam/60°C anti-curved surface