NMN series insulating paper (NOMEX®)

NMN series insulating paper is a soft composite material, the middle of the polyester film coated with temperature 200 ° C imported adhesive, two sides of the DuPont NOMEX® fire-resistant fiber insulating paper composite of three-layer insulating paper, insulation grade belongs to the C level. It has good dielectric strength and mechanical toughness, and is widely used in electrical equipment.

1.Slot-to-slot, turn-to-turn, phase-to-phase, and liner insulation for electric machinery

2.Structural insulation of windings, leads, etc. of transformers

3.Insulation between internal electrodes and external encapsulation of power capacitors

4. Equipment insulation for high-voltage electrical components

Product Features

1.Excellent electrical insulation properties

2.Good chemical stability and flame retardant, high mechanical strengthe

3.Outstanding resistance to heat, humidity and chemicals

4.Compatible automation equipment , easy machinability


Chemical stability

1. Normal adhesion: no delamination

2. Thermal adhesion (220±2)℃, 10min: no delamination, no blistering, no glue flow

Nominal thickness0.
(MIL)Make up1.5-2-1.51.5-3-1.51.5-4-1.51.5-5-1.51.5-6-1.5
(M)LinearReference value400.0325.0275.0240.0215.0
(KG)WTReference value53.


Tensile strength

(KV)Dielectric strength≥6≥7≥9≥11≥14
Long-term heat resistance (temperature index T1)200℃