Lithium Battery Tape

Lithium Battery Tape is made from PET polyester film coated with a special acrylic adhesive for lithium battery electrolyte. It has strong resistance to electrolyte, high adhesion, softness and good adhesion, and is environmentally friendly and halogen-free.

Specially designed for the insulation and fixing protection of lithium/nickel/cadmium and other types of aluminium, steel and soft pack battery cells.
1. Bonding and fixing of positive and negative lug parts.
2. Insulation and protection of the pole lug area.
3. Bonding of lithium battery sealing parts.
4. High electrical insulation, used in the core insulation parts fixed.

ColorGreen, Blue, Dark Green, Light Blue
Total Thickness [mm]0.0160.0220.030.0450.05
180°Peel Strength[N/inch]3±13±13±13±13±1
Tensile Strength[N/25mm]170170170170170
Electrolyte resistant[85/24H]Pass
Long-Term Temperature Resistance[℃]8080808080
Short-Term Temperature Resistance[℃]110110110110110