Silicone Foam Tape

Silicone foam is a new type of high resilience, low density organic silicone material. It has excellent elasticity and small stress relaxation characteristics, which can reduce the maintenance cost caused by gasket failure due to large compression deformation and softening, anti-ultraviolet, anti-ozone, extreme temperature resistance and flame retardancy, making the material keep in various environments Stable performance, tight fine cell structure and unique formula provide stronger sealing ability, can effectively prevent tiny particles and rain, high heat insulation and electrical insulation, cold resistance, heat resistance and flame retardancy.

1. The frame of the battery pack module and the external packaging equipment is heat-insulated, sealed and waterproof at high temperature.

2. Environmental sealing, dustproof, moistureproof, airtight or shading of outdoor equipment such as lighting, HVAC equipment and electrical control cabinets.

3. Vibration isolation in electronic equipment and vehicles.

4. High-speed railway shock absorption, sealing, buffering and noise reduction.

5. Indoor and outdoor waterproof and flame retardant, small household water lines and various products that require heat insulation, sound insulation and anti-static

Application scenarios
High temperature environment application: Due to the excellent high temperature resistance of silicone material, Silicone Foam Tape can still maintain stable performance in high temperature environments. Therefore, it is often used for sealing, fixing and insulating high-temperature areas such as electronic equipment, engine parts, and ovens.
Waterproof sealing: Silicone Foam Tape has excellent waterproof performance and can closely fit various materials to effectively prevent moisture penetration. It is often used for waterproof sealing of outdoor appliances, LED light strips, solar panels and other products.
Buffering and shockproof: Silicone foam has good elasticity and cushioning properties. Silicone Foam Tape can absorb shock and vibration and protect the adhered object from damage. Therefore, it is widely used in automobiles, electronic equipment, precision instruments and other fields.
Home decoration and repair: Silicone Foam Tape can be used for pasting and fixing glass, ceramics, marble and other materials in home decoration, as well as small repairs in daily life, such as filling gaps and fixing cables.

Silicone Foam Tape is a tape product that uses silicone foam as the base material and is coated with strong pressure-sensitive adhesive. Silicone foam has excellent high temperature resistance, waterproof, cushioning and shockproof properties, allowing Silicone Foam Tape to maintain stable performance in a variety of harsh environments. At the same time, its strong adhesion can ensure the tight fit between the tape and the object to be pasted and will not fall off easily.

Silicone Foam Tape comes in a variety of sizes to meet different needs. Common width specifications include 1mm, 2mm, 5mm, 10mm, 20mm, etc., and the length can be cut according to specific application scenarios. In terms of thickness, the thickness of the foam layer of the tape also varies depending on the usage scenario. Common thicknesses are 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, etc.

In terms of color, Silicone Foam Tape is usually mainly black and gray. These two colors are practical and stain-resistant, and are suitable for most application scenarios.

ColorRed, Black, GreyRed, Black, GreyRed, Black, GreyRed, Black, GreyRed, Black, Grey
 Total Thickness[mm]15101520
Compression Deformation Force103103103103103
Pressure Deflection[psi(kpa)]9.0(62.0)9.0(62.0)9.0(62.0)9.0(62.0)9.0(62.0)
Tensile Strength[psi(kpa)]45(310)45(310)45(310)45(310)45(310)
Electric strength4.
Hardness[SHORE A]15-3515-3515-3515-3515-35
Flame RetardantV-0V-0V-0V-0V-0
Water Absorption[%]
Dielectric Constant1.421.421.421.421.42
Dielectric Strength[Volts/mil]9191919191
Volume Resistivity[Ohm-cm]9292929292
Thermal Conductivity[BTU in/hr/ft2 °f(w/m°k)]0.63(0.09)0.63(0.09)0.63(0.09)0.63(0.09)0.63(0.09)
Long-Term Temperature Resistance [℃]220220220220220
Short-Term Temperature Resistance [℃]250250250250250