High performance tissue double sided tape

Double Sided Tissue Tape is an industrial adhesive tape made of cotton paper as the base material, evenly coated with high-performance acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides, and then compounded with release paper. It has anti-rebound (better than other Double-Sided Tapes, especially suitable for sticking on curved surfaces), anti-warping, high temperature resistance, strong stickiness, and strong adhesion to various material surfaces.

1. Bonding of rubber strips and plastics in the rubber and plastic industry.

2. It is suitable for bonding nameplates, buttons, foot pads, refrigerator evaporators and control panels.

3. Bonding of low surface energy PP and PE plastic home appliance display boards.

4. Stamping metal signage.

5. Bonding and fixing the heating wire of the smart rice cooker.

6. Bonding and fixing of speaker nets of TV and computer speakers.

7. Foam sealing and pasting of EPDM and PU foam.

8. Paste the cotton blanket on the top of the car.

9. Paste the back panel of the upper cover of the printer.

10. In the paper industry, manual splicing process, super rolling process, resin coating process and roll changing joint.

11. Temporary fixation for computerized embroidery.

12. Paper box pasting for general ornaments, temporarily fixing handicrafts.

ColorTotal Thickness [um]BackingAdhesiveInitial Tack[mm]180°Peel Strength [N/inch]Retentivity
Long-Term Temperature Resistance
Short-Term Temperature Resistance