PET Blue Refrigerator Tape

PET Blue Refrigerator Tape is a functional tape made of PET film coated with natural rubber or acrylic glue. It has the advantages of good temperature resistance, strong adhesion, no residual adhesive, chemical corrosion resistance, etc. It is especially suitable for fixing and sealing of refrigerators and other home appliances, and it is a professional adhesive tape product with both functionality and convenience.

1.For fixing internal components and external sealing of all kinds of plastic household appliances.

2.For assembly of electronic equipment.

3.For shock protection during transportation.

4.Smooth surfaces or high-gloss lacquered surfaces of household appliances and electronic products, as a temporary protective film.

Product Features

1.Excellent temperature resistance, no residual adhesive marks.

2.Excellent tensile strength and fracture toughness.

3.Easy to break by hand tearing, strong adhesiveness.

4.Stable physical properties, moderate viscosity.


Product specifications



3.Other customization

Type of glueAcryllicNatural rubber
Base materialPET Film
Total thickness40um45um50um60um50um60um
Peel strength180°)≥5N≥5N≥5N≥5N≥5N≥5N
Initial adhesion P≥12#P≥12#P≥12#P≥12#P≥8#P≥10#
Temperature resistant-15℃-150℃-40℃-100℃