PET High Temperature tape

PET high temperature tape is made of polyester film as backing,coated with silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, not easy to break when connecting, high adhesion, soft and appropriate, no glue residue after tearing off, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and leakage prevention.

1. Household appliances, machinery, automobile painting and other industries need high-temperature coating and spray paint protection, high-temperature binding and fixing
2. Manufacturing application of aluminum base copper clad laminate
3. PCB circuit board gold plating and solder protection
4. LED potting protection
5. Electronic product manufacturing shielding protection and insulation

Spray high-temperature shielding

High Temperature PET Tape is suitable for surface protection during metal plating, high-temperature spraying, and painting. After high-temperature painting and baking, it can be easily peeled off without leaving residue. Pet high-temperature adhesive tape is the most cost-effective tape product for shielding during spraying

For use in electronic appliances

High Temperature PET Tape is not only heat-resistant, but it also provides insulation and anti-static properties. It can be used as insulation material for electronic products, including computer motherboards, CPUs, and audio equipment.

For use in mold-cutting applications.

High temperature pet tape can be processed into sheets by die-cutting and applied in production, which can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

Can be reused multiple times.

High temperature pet tape can also be reused and can be replaced with different types. In addition to providing excellent shielding and protection for electronic products, as well as insulation, it also has a high-temperature bundling and fixing function


ColorGreen, Brown, Transparent, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow, White, Black, Red, Blue (Customizable)
Total Thickness[mm]0.060.0550.
Backing Thickness[mm]0.0250.0380.0380.0250.050.050.0250.0750.10.0250.025
180°Peel Strength[N/inch]88887.510811106A≥10
Tensile Strength[N/inch]135150150150150150150175200135135
Elongation At Break[%]7070707070707070707070
Long-Term Temperature Resistance[℃]180180180180180180180180180180180
Short-Term Temperature Resistance[℃]200200200200200200200200200200200